Thursday, June 2, 2011

Me and {my} Guy

Recently I had the opportunity to meet Guy Fieri.  You know, “Diners, Dive-Ins and Dives”?  “Next Food Network Star”?  “Minute to Win It?”

I was SOOOO excited!

Did I mention I’m a bit of a star stalker?  That one time I saw Kevin Smith in the Virgin Megastore in Hollywood, but I was too nervous to say hi?
To Guy Fieri, wherever you are:  Thank you for taking your time to come to the Gulf Coast.  Thank you for having dinner with {all 500 of} us.  And mostly, thank you for helping bring back the beaches of Alabama after the oil spill.  Keep spreading the word that Gulf seafood is safe. Oh, and I just downloaded your new cookbook on my Ipad.

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