Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Time to be Accountable

Alright, alright, so I’ve put on a couple of pounds.  OK, 15 pounds.  And I can’t button my pants.  And I’m not tracking my Weight Watchers points.  So I guess I need to be accountable, and I’m starting here.  I’m kicking off 30 days of accountability, for my weight, my exercise, and my eating.

I may not be tracking WW points too well, but I’m incorporating many more yummy fruits and some veggies into my diet, and Mark and I pretty much only cook WW-friendly meals anyway (we’ve been on WW since 2007, so we know the principles – I’ve just fallen off the wagon a bit.)

I know I need to exercise more.  My body doesn’t handle running, so I stick to aerobics mostly.  Not to complain, but I’ve got some back issues that make it hard to exercise, mostly because I know its going to hurt.  But working out strengthens my back, which makes it better in the long run.  So I ordered this and this.  My goal is to work up to 4 workouts a week alternating the DVDs. 

I started with the Bar Method DVD Tuesday night.  All my glutes can say is “Wow.”  I made it through all of 12 minutes.  One review I read said (and I’m paraphrasing) “Easy intro into the Bar Method if you’ve never taken dance.”  Lemme tell ya, this girl took some dance back in the day, and this DVD ain’t easy for beginners!  Bar method is tricky because it LOOKS easy, but boy does it work your muscles!  Maybe next time I can make it 20 minutes!


Weight right now: 138.6

Exercise this week: Bar Method (1)

Eating Obstacles: Mark grilled steaks last weekend, ate 2 servings.

Upcoming Obstacles: Out of town wedding this weekend.

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