Thursday, June 16, 2011

And now for something completely different

I should not be left home unsupervised.  Even when I don't feel well, I get antsy, and I shop to make myself feel better.  Monday when I was home with the HIVES (ugh - and I'm still here, by the way, but they're getting better) I took a little trip to the Goodwill, and came home with this prize:

I couldn't pass it up!  I've been inspired lately by the blogosphere to re-learn to sew and maybe make some of my own clothes.  At the very least, curtains and other home dec.  And the price was right.
Yup, 20 buckeroos.  And I guess its about a year younger than I am.

I went next door to Hancock Fabrics and bought a new needle and some awesome fabrics.  I intend on turning this

(darn iphone - those a pinks, not purples)

into this

I might need to visit here to pray for some help and patience
On another note, many thanks to the gals over at Practical Scrappers for featuring not one but two of my layouts this week:

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