Wednesday, October 6, 2010

DIY Wall Decor - on the Cheap

Remember the cross stitching project I mentioned the other day, and how I needed to come up with something else for the wall above the guest bed?  Well, here's what I came up with:

I took the back off a cheap frame from Michael's, and cut the design from vinyl using my Silhouette.  It looks like the design is floating in a window.

We'll put a hanger on the back, or maybe string a ribbon through it, and hang it on the wall here.

I bought the vinyl from Hobby Lobby a while back at 40% off, so around $5 for the package, and the frame from Michael's on sale plus a 15% off coupon a couple of weekends ago, for about $9.50.  So for around $15, I have a designer looking wall hanging.

What do you think?  Think it will attract homebuyers?

I also needed something over the bed in the master bedroom.  We ripped down some awful wallpaper in there a few weeks back and painted, and I had nothing to go back up that would look nice. Some cheap acrylic paints and 2 canvases for $10, a little imagination, and voila:

Hey, I never claimed to be Kandinsky!

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