Friday, October 22, 2010

Am I out of my mind?

Don't remind me that I have a kitchen and bedroom to paint, furniture to move, boxes to pack, and a house to clean.  Don't remind me that I didn't decorate for Halloween and before you know it I'll have to decorate for Christmas, or that I decide last year I would make my own tags and wrapping for the holiday this year.  Don't remind me I need to PACK UP my scrapbook stash very very soon.

Who could possibly resist those gorgeous tags??

I couldn't stop myself, so I signed up for Nic Howard's new class on Big Picture ClassesColour! Or is it Color?  I guess I'm on a class kick right now, because I'm also looking forward to May Flaum's new class in February. 

This will be my first class with Nic, and based on what I've read and the pre-class materials, I think I'm gonna like it.  I'll be working hard on my version of those beautiful tags in time for the start of class on the 28th.

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