Thursday, June 9, 2011

A big post for a little album


OK, fair warning – this is a really long post with a lot of pictures.  Just so you know.


A while back I came across Ali Edward’s newest self-paced class.  And lemme tell you, it is awesome!


Even though Ali’s philosophy of actually scrapbooking during your trip didn’t really work for me, all of the techniques were perfect for a mini album of the Cozumel cruise.


I used chipboard to make my own chipboard covers and pages.  Thank goodness my sister has one of these bad boys and let me borrow it!  Probably my one mistake was underestimating the thickness of the completed book.  I had to make an emergency run to Hobby Lobby to pick up 1 1/2” binder rings.

layout-21-2-2 copylayout-21-4-2 copy

layout-21-3-2 copy

layout-21-5-2 copy

layout-21-6-2 copy

I liked being able to incorporate memorabilia into the book. I always struggle with this in 12x12 layouts.

layout-21-7-2 copy

layout-21-8-2 copy

layout-21-9-2 copy

layout-21-10-2 copy

layout-21-11-2 copy

layout-21-12-2 copy

layout-21-13 copy


I had a lot of fun making this album.  I got to try all sorts of new techniques, and now I’m looking for reasons to make another one.

layout-21-14 copy

layout-21-15 copy

layout-21-16 copy

layout-21-17 copy

layout-21-18 copy

layout-21-19 copy

layout-21-20 copy

layout-21-21 copylayout-21-22 copy

layout-21-23 copylayout-21-24 copylayout-21-25 copylayout-21-26 copy

layout-21-27 copylayout-21-28 copy

layout-21-29 copy

layout-21-30 copy

layout-21-31 copy

layout-21-32 copy

layout-21-33 copy

layout-21-34 copy

It appears I missed taking photos of a couple of pages.  Sorry about that.  But this post is probably already long enough!

layout-21-37 copylayout-21-38 copy

layout-21-39 copylayout-21-40 copy

layout-21-41 copy

layout-21-46 copy

layout-21-45 copy

layout-21-47 copy

layout-21-48 copy

layout-21-49 copy

layout-21-50 copy

layout-21-51 copy

If you made it this far, YAY! 

I’m not going to even attempt to list my supplies.  But if you see a paper or an element and you just have to know, just ask.  I might can remember!

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Sandy Ang said...

Looks like such a fun filled vacation. hope you'll come link it up to my Travel challenge here


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