Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Accountability Wednesday: OMG I'm an Idiot

This week I went to an annual health screening sponsored by my employer. Usually I don't pay much attention, but this time, because I'm really trying this time, I did. Boy, were my eyes opened.

1. I need to work out more. My HDL is better than it was last year, thanks to incorporating more healthy fats into my diet, but it was my worst measurement, and a good way to bring it up is through exercise.

2. I need to eat more calories. I kinda saw this one coming.  My basal metabolic rate was measured at 1419 kcal, meaning my 1200 calorie days are HURTING my metabolism.  I've reset all my trackers to reflect 1420 a day minimum as my goal.

3. I am pretty healthy.  My BMI is a little bit into the overweight range (by 0.9), but overall my cholesterol, glucose, weight, fat %, and muscle weight are in healthy ranges and are pretty good.  So that means...

4. I'm pretty much trying to lose vanity weight.  BMI is 0.9 into the overweight range, but as the tech pointed out, that doesn't really account for muscle weight.  So yeah, I hate my big thighs, and I think my belly is huge, and my arms are too big, but I'm HEALTHY.  Sure, I'd like to take the fat % down from 31%, but that's not un-doable.

So DUH, I gotta eat more and work out more.  But I'm NORMAL.  Not the huge fat thing I see when I compare myself to other girls.  I know I need to stop comparing myself to other girls.  But I also gotta get off my butt and work for it.

No weight or activity info this week. I'm traveling (again),so I don't have access to the info. Next week, I promise!

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