Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Accountability Wednesday: Climbing the Mountain

Lately I've been feeling a little bit overwhelmed.  This usually happens when my schedule is very busy or I have to be out of town a lot and can't keep up with all the things on my to do list.  Mark's gotten pretty good over the last 6+ years at seeing this coming and jumping in to help out around the house and with other chores to help head off a meltdown. But the anxiety is still there.  But I know I've come a long way when my exercise time takes priority over some of the other tasks (like vacuuming the den!) instead of falling to the bottom of the list.

Travelling and eating well is also a tough combination.  We just spend a week in Miami, home to beautiful, thin people and the best ice cream in the world, and we both came back heavier.  On the up side, we walked a ton, and I think that steps taken in 97 degree heat and 97% humidity count more than those taken on a treadmill.  We're going to the in-laws this weekend for Father's Day, home to unlimited fried chicken and vegetables cooked in lard.  Then I go on another work trip, this time by myself, all next week.  Eating well and tracking food is gonna be tough, and I know this.

But I'll let you in on a little secret:  I'm not giving up!  My mother always said I was stubborn. We joined the YMCA this week and are motivating each other to go.  I'm taking my workout gear to Texas and have researched the hotel gym.  And then there's this: I'm going to start the Couch to 5K (C25K) Program!  Me, who's life motto is "I don't run."  That I'm ready to take that step, to do something I said I'd never do, and that I'm kind of excited about it, tells me that I'm finally really ready to make this change.  That although my weight is up 1.4 lbs. since January, I can't seem to look at a cupcake without gaining weight, although I had a small meltdown when I couldn't get my one-piece "fat" bathing suit on over my hips, I'm not giving up.  Not stopping.  I am going to make this work.  Not only to look better and to feel better, but to conquer that one little piece of the anxiety that comes from not being in control of my body.  Mark can't take that one off my to do list.  Only I can do that.

Weight: 143.6 (+1.8 lbs)
Acivity: 59524 steps, 12 floors climbed, 24.45 miles

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