Thursday, November 3, 2011

Bohemia, Bavaria, and Beer, Part IV: Munich

Here's Part I, Part II, Part III

After a super fun night on a Hungarian train, we pulled in very early to Munich.  Now, when we planned our trip and booked our airline tickets, we picked mid-September so we wouldn't get in to Oktoberfest.  No one told us that a couple of hundred years ago they moved Oktoberfest to September because the weather was better!

It really was not a problem, though, probably because we were there during the week.  When we stepped off of the U-bahn and into the Main Square, I thought I'd woken up in EPCOT.  This place looks just like the Germany Pavilion in Orlando!

We saw the Glockenspiel, of course.

We didn't hire a private guide, but when no one else signed up for the group tour, we ended up with a private one!  Taff with Dark History Tours was terrific.  He's an archaeologist, so he brought along a lot of props and toys to play with.   He showed us all the painted buildings that are typical to Bavaria.

At first we thought all the people wearing dirndls and lederhosen were dressed up for Oktoberfest, but no.  They were their native dress every day.  Probably one out of every 5 people was dressed on any given day, and I couldn't stop staring.

Of course we hit up Hofbrauhaus, the largest beer garden in Munich.  It was a real trip!

Next...Part V: Bavaria and Castles

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