Thursday, October 20, 2011

Bohemia, Bavaria, and Beer, Part II: Budapest

Find Part I: Prague here.

Budapest is the largest city we visited on this trip.  Again, we were surprised by the ease of travel here, with friendly people who all spoke English probably better than we did.  There is great mass transit, so even though its a big city (actually two cities -- Buda and Pest were combined into one) its tremendously easy to get around.

Again we hired a guide, and again we weren't disappointed.  Folks, hiring a private guide may seem extravagant, but it is really very affordable in a lot of places for 6-8 hours of guiding and information you wouldn't get on your own.  Gabriella and her son Robert took us many places we wouldn't have gone on our own, and showed us the best places to shop and to get strudels.

Although the buildings are not as refurbished as those in Prague, the architecture was still beautiful.  Budapest is a town where art deco still thrives.  


The beautiful tilework roofs were something good the Hungarians picked up from the Turks, and I couldn't stop taking pictures of them.

Another thing the Hungarians kept from the Turk years were the baths.  Yes, I donned a bathing cap and we went to the thermal baths to hang out with all the Hungarian men in Speedos.  It was truly a cultural experience!


The Parliament building  is a real gem, both inside and out.

Damage from WWII and from revolts against Communism were abundant.  The House of Terror is a museum that was actually the Nazi and Communist secret police headquarters.  The number of people that entered this building and never came out was striking.


We took a cruise on the Danube and went to a ballet performance.

We wish we had more time to explore this city.  We hope to be back some day.



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