Thursday, March 15, 2012

Scrapbook Treasures from the Office Supply Store

With my scrapbooking style, I'm always on the lookout for great labels and cards for journaling, stamping, and layering.  I have a huge stack of October Afternoon and Scenic Route label stickers that I love to use.  But come on, we all know that there are never enough, right?

I was so thrilled to see the new Martha Stewart Home Office line at Staples.  In addition to great home organization supplies, there are lots of things in the line that can be used for scrapbooking, including really nice 3-ring binders and divided page protectors.  I focused on the labels and tags, and still had a really hard time narrowing down my purchase.  For under $5 for each package, you do get a lot of product.  The File Folder Labels ($2.99) include 120 in a pack!  I came home with:

Textured Red Labels (small)

Flourish Labels in Teal

I've got my eye on

Metal Rim and Paper tags -- check out the baker's twine strings!

Shipping Tags

Just a note:  Not all Staples stock the Martha Stewart line. I had to go to 2 Staples stores before I found the display.  My local store doesn't carry it, but the store in the nearby larger city does.  Before you go out of your way, call your local store or order online.

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