Tuesday, January 10, 2012

What, I'm supposed to be blogging?

The last couple of months have been quite a whirlwind.  Just before Thanksgiving I came home from a work trip to this:

And by the week after Thanksgiving, we were putting in an offer on this:

Ten days before Christmas, we closed on the new house and moved in.  Here's what it looked like on moving day:

I did put up our Christmas stockings on the mantle, but that was the only sign of the holiday season this year.  I almost had to take my mom and sister up on their offers to wrap my Christmas presents for me. Luckily, I was off for work for two weeks around Christmas and New Years, so I was able to get a lot of unpacking done.  Our goal is to be done with the major unpacking, etc. by the end of this coming weekend.  With all the clutter gone, we can finally relax and enjoy our new home.

And here we are, less than 30 days later, and we are mostly unpacked.  I'm not done decorating yet, so pardon the work in progress.  And at least it is progress.

Finally - I can display my vintage Fiesta ware collection.

My pantry...I LOVE my pantry!

My corner collage.  I stole the idea from this pin.  I've got a photo canvas on order that will replace the lovely sheet of copier paper.

The entry way.

The dining room.  This is going to be our bar area.

And what's behind this door?  Hmmmm... come back Friday and see!

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