Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Accountability Wednesday: Who said moving was easy?

For the second year in a row, there were no signs of Christmas at the Thompson house.  But this year, we got the best present of all: 10 days before Christmas, we moved into a brand new house.  Resolution #1 from 2011 completed!  I cannot wait to share some pictures of the new place with you, once we've finished unpacking.  This house is perfect for us, and we feel very blessed in finding it and being able to buy it.

Having moved from a post-WWII home to a brand new one, its the little things you appreciate: power outlets, windows that open, closets.  And this house even comes with a whole room that I can devote to crafting and scrapbooking!  We've nearly finished setting it up, and I cannot wait to share with you where I'll be getting create from now on.

Now on to the real reason for Accountability Wednesdays.  Moving takes a toll on healthy eating and an exercise routine.  Combine that with many gifts of chocolate and several holiday feasts, and here I am.  Nearly starting over from my original 10% goal on Weight Watchers 4 years ago.  But I'm determined to get back on track, and lucky for me I have a built in support system in my husband.  We're working on this together, and we have a plan for healthy eating, portion control, and regular exercise for the new year.  Wish us luck!

Weight: 142.2
Exercise: 15 min. walk

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