Monday, August 15, 2011

I think we are what you call “foodies”

We stalk The Food Network.  We plan trips around a restaurant Anthony Bourdain has been to on his show.  We fit in as many feedings into a trip as we can.  Are we foodies?  Take New Orleans, for example.  We don’t really like going there, but, since its the closest major city, we end up there a lot for various reasons.  How do we stand it?  Three things:
Mother’s (crawfish etouffee [eh-too-fay] and debris [day-bree] sandwiches),

Cafe du Monde (begneits  [ben-yays]),

and The Gumbo Shop, for gumbo and french bread.

It’s Why We Go

Shimelle Laine’s Border Between the Photos challenge
Patterned Paper: October Afternoon; Felt Letters: American Crafts; Sticker letters: Making Memories

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