Thursday, September 29, 2011

The "Uh-Oh" Moment

You might have noticed if you've followed the blog for a little while, we have no children, but we do have a cat.  THE cat.  Ozzy.  Up until this summer, I think that Ozzy truly believed he was the Only Cat in the World.  He's an indoor cat, and even when other cats would wander into the yard, he would pretend not to see them.

But when we put the house on the market, Ozzy couldn't stay at the house during open houses, in case people were allergic, and because he demands all the attention from any human in his vicinity.  So we put on his outdoor exploring gear, a.k.a. a leash and harness -- yes, we are THOSE people!-- and plopped him in the car for a little ride.  A 14 lb. cat is hard to get into a carrier, so the harness is easier.  We made a stop by my office, and when we did, the cat that hangs out there made an appearance.  Well, Ozzy found out quick that he was NOT the only kitty, and I think the look on his face in these pictures is priceless!

Only Kitty

Sketch Support One-Page Sketch #9

Basic Grey Junebug (Fresco, Kaleidoscope, Glazed Brads), Marrakech (Calming Moon, Chai), Basics label stickers (white)
Making Memories Boho Chic Alphabet (Cream)
Jenni Bowlin ink (Spice Tin)

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allie.duckienz said...

Great work. Nice use of patterned paper :D


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