Friday, September 24, 2010

It's Finally Available!

Late yesterday I got the email I had been waiting for:  the new software for the Silhouette machine, Silhouette Studio, is available to download (for free!). 

Of course I ran home and downloaded it immediately, and I am LOVING it!  The interface is so much more polished and easier to use than the Robocraft software, and I'm loving the new features like patterned fill and unlimited undo.  You can even see how your paper fits on the carrier mat, which makes it tons easier to make more precise cuts.  And for all you Mac lovers out there, its available for Macs, so now you can play with the Silhouette too!

I'm reading through the manual to teach myself all the great feature, but until then, you can head over to the Silhouette blog.  They've got some great screen shots of the user friendly interface, and demonstrate some of the cool new features.

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