Monday, May 9, 2011

Test…test…is this thing on?


Sigh, its been a long time, hasn’t it?  I am sheepishly poking my head back here onto the blog and apologizing for the long long break.  For a while I had a really good excuse: all of my scrap stash was packed away and put in to storage while our house is on the market.  About a month ago I couldn’t take it any more and Mark went and brought all of it home.  Well, almost all of it.  I think I’m still missing a box…

So I’m back to scrapping and sharing here!  National Scrapbooking Day and the Creative Keepsakes/Big Picture Classes crop Saturday really helped out a lot!  So I’ve got a lot to share with you coming up!  This one is from the “Scrap without a Picture” challenge.


May Flaum’s Use Your Stash class at Big Picture Classes last year really has inspired me to dig deep into my stash and use up all of that yummy paper. 

[Sorry for the not-so-great photos – my beloved Pentax K7 is having some issues and has to go in for service for a while.]

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