Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Alabama still needs your help

April 28-29 hit Alabama hard.  We’ve been there before, and recovered, and we’ll recover this time.  We’re a tough bunch.  But help is needed.

Although my area of the state wasn't affected (this time - I'm on the coast and have experience many hurricanes), I am a University of Alabama grad, and it hurts my heart to know what other Alabamians are going through in the central part of the state.  How it affected the smaller towns around Tuscaloosa.  All of the pets separated from their owners at the animal shelters.  The names and ages of the dead in last Sunday’s Mobile Press Register.  All those names…

Speaking from experience, the road to recovery is long and difficult, and the continued thoughts, prayers, and generosity from around the nation is greatly needed.

If your area is collecting supplies, please pick up a few things, even from the Dollar store, and donate them.  Or please consider a donation to one of these organizations:

Toomers for Tuscaloosa

University of Alabama Acts of Kindness Fund

If nothing else, please keep all of those touched by last month’s tornadoes in your thoughts and your prayers.  They will be grateful.

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