Monday, December 5, 2011

Some news and a holiday break

You may have noticed a lack sharing of scrapbook pages here over the last couple of weeks.  I know that is probably why most of you visit my blog, and I apologize for it.  But I have a very good reason:  In the past three weeks, we have sold our house and found a great new one!  One with a dedicated space for me a craft room!

The big moving day is next week, followed fast on its heels by the holidays.  I'm going back and forth between excited and nervous and anxiety attacks.  I'm spending all of my time (when I'm not packing) on Pinterest marking ideas for organization and decoration projects.  But I'm not scrapbooking, mostly because my stash is totally packed away.

I'm hoping to drop in over the next few weeks and give updates, but I make no promises.  I'll be back for the new year, scrapping all those vacation photos that I've already shown you.  Until then, does anybody have any suggestions for scrapbooking a move?

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