Monday, November 8, 2010

The Creative Process: Sketches

How do you scrap?  What is your process?  Does it start with the photos or the paper?  How to you organize your inspiration?  I'm always interested in a scrapbooker's creative process, and over a series of posts, I'll share mine.

I've already shared my current scrap space with you, at least until we move.  When I scrap, I generally will start with a sketch or a scraplift.  There is some controversy out in Scrapper-land as to whether or not sketches or scraplifting are either the greatest thing since sliced bread or part of the dark side, stealing away a scrapper's creativity.  I land on the side of it being OK.  No matter how a scrapper uses a sketch or another layout to create their own, they will still end up with their own unique creation.  And starting with a layout idea really helps me cut down on the amount of time a layout will take me to complete, particularly if I am working on a very large project, such as one of our vacations to Europe.

My process involves grabbing some photos (more on that in a later post), then finding a sketch or layout in my inspiration files that I can adapt for my photos.  Then I pick out paper and a bunch of embellishments before sitting down to start.

I don't like to have my inspiration sketch/layout sitting in front of me while I'm creating my layout.  I'll look at it a bit, and I might pull it back out to help with the placement of elements, but if I keep it out I tend to use it as too much of a crutch.  I find working from memory allows me to create a layout that is a less literal interpretation of my inspiration.

If you use sketches, where do you find them?  I find a lot on many blogs and websites, like from Allison Davis, and PageMaps.  I also have Becky Fleck's first PageMaps book, and it is fabulous.  Maybe Santa will bring me PageMaps 2!

I find layouts that inspire me all over the place.  The wonderful blogs I read, which you can find on my side bar, and magazines like Scrapbook Trends and Scrapbooks, etc.  are my two main sources.  Soon I'll share how I keep all of it together.

So tell me, what inspiration do you use to scrap? Where do you find it?

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