Monday, January 3, 2011

My New Years Resolutions

Christmas is over, we've recovered from our New Year's celebrations.  It's that time of year again: resolutions for the new year.  I usually make one or two, and stick to them pretty well.  But the ones I've chosen this year will be a little tougher for me, so maybe if I put them here in black and white, I'll be a little more accountable.  Here it goes:

1. Read 25 books in 2011

Until I got to college, I was a huge, voracious reader.  I had my nose stuck in a book all of the time.  Once I got to college, though, I no longer had time for reading for pleasure.  I don't think my husband has ever even seen me read a book!  So I've loaded my to-read list onto GoodReads, and I'm going for it!

2.  Complete super-secret Christmas project

In the off-chance my family were to read my blog, I don't want to spoil it.  Suffice it to say this one will be very time consuming (and scrapbook related).

3. Complete my cross-stitch project

Remember this post?  'Nuff said.

4.  Learn German

Whenever Mark and I go to Europe, I'm in charge of learning some passable form of the local language.  We're looking to go to Germany later this year, so next on my list is German.  I even have free access to Rosetta Stone.  Now I just need to make myself do it.

So what are you resolving for the new year?

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